Creating amazing, unique and fun designs on garments like t-shirts is an exciting process that can yield wonderful outcomes for daily wear, branding and marketing purposes. Heat transfer vinyl is a special type of vinyl that allows you to print on garments such as t-shirts, jeans, caps, vests, handbags and so much more.

Using the heat transfer vinyl sheets one can print any design of choice with the right amount of heat, pressure and time. The colors of the vinyl sheets also play a pivotal part in ensuring the vividness and sharpness of the design and the fabric on which the design is being printed on.

The best suited fabric for vinyl printing is 100%polyester and the base color on which any design will best appear on is 100% polyester but by no means we are ruling out other fabrics or blends.

If the base color of the crafting project says t-shirt is white then any color design will appear more vividly and sharply on it but as the base colors get pastel to dark you will see a visible difference in the sharpness of the colors.

Same goes for the material, the best results will appear or 100% polyester and as you increase the amount of cotton the results will start to become more muted, dull and lackluster. Here are some of the best colors for heat transfer vinyl sheets that can be used individually as well as in combinations, so let’s check them out.

Top 5 Heat Transfer Vinyl Sheet Color Combinations For T-shirt Designs


White color is the most sought after color for heat transfer vinyl sheets as it easily blends with various kinds of colors to create its own unique combinations. White color has the ability to blend in well with almost any color on the color wheel, creating new colors.

If the base of your t-shirt is dark then any combination with white will pop up like a shining star on the shirt and appear so crisp and sharp. When doing business, have an ample amount of white vinyl sheets as it is one of the most important vinyl tools you can keep in your arsenal. White can be used with almost any color be it light, dark or medium.


Black is another popular color when it comes to heat transfer vinyl sheets for printing on t-shirts. Black is a beautiful color that appears beautifully on light bases as well as darker ones. Just like white, black color also has the ability to merge well with any color and create beautiful combinations. You can use black with blue, red, pink, silver or golden on a light base and see how charming it appears to be.

Black vinyl sheets can also be used as one liners on t-shirts for creating outlines on the design or to pop out any specific part of the design. No matter how you decide to use it in your design, black will always look amazing and pass in flying colors.


If there is any color that comes after white or black then it ought to be red. Red is a color that is loved and worn by men, women, kids, teenagers and even elderly people with much zest. This color brings in a unique charm and flirtiness to the design. Red color looks amazing on its own with solid bases but when mixed with silver, black or golden it creates a very futuristic and flirtatious look. Red color can be used in different tones like bright red looks good on pink base or pale blue base whereas a muted red looks good on white, gray or orange bases t-shirts.


Blue is the most popular vinyl sheet color as it makes the design appear like a painting on the fabric and look super cool and creative. You can use various shades of blue in combinations with silver, yellow, purple or white to create cool designs for t-shirts.

Although blue is a primary color, think outside the box and try to make combinations with secondary and even tertiary colors to make your t-shirt’s design stand out from the other designs. Blue vinyl sheets look best on white, gray or black bases.


Yellow is another primary color which is popular in vinyl sheets for t-shirt designs and other crafting projects. Although people may think that creating cool designs with yellow can be a bit tricky, trust me if you can nail the combination of yellow, there is nothing better than it. Yellow has this strange popping ability that can make any design stand out. Mix yellow with gold, orange, red or greens and make an epic combination!


Just like vinyl crafting, making different color combinations of vinyl sheets for t-shirt designs is part of the creative process. You can elevate your design and make it so unique with just the right play of colors. So don’t be afraid to create combinations and make cool, crisp and unconventional designs for t-shirts, tees and jeans!