This modern era is running fast with lots of new upcoming things that are shortcuts to many durable things. Thanks to digital technologies, we now have the best alternatives for many different things. One of them is the innovations in vinyl and how they're helpful for us in different ways. If you love decorating and customizing various things, but can't afford the expensive options to buy new ornaments which are time taking as well, go for either heat transfer vinyl sheets or simple adhesive vinyl sheets. Both are amazing, have their own plus points, and are relatively better alternatives to many expensive ones. You can easily do cost cutting by using them. However, both are same in nature and effect but different when applying them.

Both these heat transfer vinyl sheets and adhesive vinyl sheets are very good in updating your home, office or any place you want. Also you've complete freedom over the style of your new decorations. Vinyl sheets are a new craze in the industry because it can save so much of your time, money and can bring drastic innovations to simple things. Where you irked by the fact that vinyl crafting looked super fun and creative until it came down to weeding the designs. To bring further perfection and weed the designs of your vinyl sheets, use desirable vinyl tools that can make it best in appearance.  There is a myriad of essential vinyl tools each one having its own importance in the process of crafting.

To know the difference between heat transfer vinyl sheets and adhesive vinyl sheets, we first must know a little about each of them, so we can decide on the pros and cons of each option.

What is a Heat Transfer Vinyl sheet?

Heat transfer vinyl sheets are heat activated adhesive typically polyester based implemented by a specific machine on certain fabrics and materials to apply designs. It comes laminated together with a clear polyester carrier in a roll or sheet form, with an adhesive tacky backing, so it can be cut or weeded by the vinyl tools.  They come in printable versions with either solvent ink or solvent printer. They're traditionally used on fabrics or textiles, as they can bear the heat transfer pressure. t-shirts, shorts or caps are a great example of it.

What is an Adhesive Vinyl Sheet?

Adhesive vinyl is a thin flexible material that is used to create impressive signs and graphics. It has a sticky back texture at the back of it that can be stuck when the sheet is removed from the back or can be given some heat to activate the adhesive. They're used commercially and non-commercially, indoors and out-doors applications as well. This material can be cut and used for making unlimited types of shapes and sizes. They're heat resistant and so easily can be used on metals such as aluminum.

Difference between heat transfer vinyl sheets and adhesive vinyl sheets

1-      Application

Heat transfer vinyl is applied by using a heat press machine on garments or on fun personal projects. Sometimes a home iron is also used for this purpose. The carrier sheet attached to it is usually clear, sometimes frosty but doesn't have any sticky thing with it. Whereas, adhesive vinyl isn't applied with heat, instead it's a sticker having adhesive applied at the back, which sticks when the back sheet is removed.

2-      Easy or Complex

Heat transfer vinyl is a little complex to use as you need a specific heat press machine for this purpose plus some weeding vinyl tools to define the vinyl art properly. On the other hand, adhesive vinyl sheets are ready to use and are already weeded, you just need to remove the back sheet and stick it anywhere you like.

3-      Where to Apply Them?

Heat vinyl craft is often used on garments and in the textile sector usually on t-shirts, caps or shorts through a heat application process. In this process, a carrier sheet comes along to transfer the design safely. adhesive vinyl sheets are used on curved surfaces, plastic, metal, decals or as stickers. You can paste or stick them anywhere you like to as they're easy to transfer.

4-      Durability

Heat transfer vinyl sheets can't bear high temperatures, different weather conditions or a lot of washing. They're less durable and don't last too long. The adhesive vinyl material is durable, resistant to water, can bear different weather conditions and fading. However, if exposed to sunlight for a very long time, that's something to consider as sunlight is powerful.

Summing Up

Vinyl craft is becoming popular amongst the textile and garments sector along with many customized designs or characters which are really liked by people. To make it feasible, heat vinyl transfer is a great option along with self-adhesive vinyl sheets too as it's economical and less time taking.